Rachel Cudmore, MA, LPC, MFT, CPT
Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Play Therapist
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About Me

I believe that each human has within them an innate capacity and desire to move toward health and wholeness.  Psychotherapy can stimulate and support this capacity.  My philosophy and practice of psychotherapy are driven by a strong belief in and respect for the power of relationships, truth, and God. Primarily, I work from a psychodynamic approach; I also use other approaches such as structural family therapy or directive child play therapy when appropriate.

Areas of special interest are children and trauma, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, loss, divorce, witness to domestic violence, or other traumas.

Also of special interest are adult survivors of childhood abuse or domestic violence.
I am well versed in utilizing Crime Victim's Compensation Program, Veteran's Affairs, and work regularly with multiple agencies and other resources within the community. 

I also treat patients with relationship issues, including couples counseling and enjoy working with families.

I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Certificate in Play Therapy, and am Licensed by the State of Oregon as a Professional Counselor. 

I have worked in this field since 2003.  I proudly serve those who have served our Country by volunteering as a therapist for Returning Veteran's Project.  Additionally, I teach at the University of Oregon, which I find to be very fulfilling.  I am a member of the ACA (American Counseling Association).  I have lived in the Eugene area for most of my life. 

Many types of problems can be effectively addressed through psychotherapy.  Common issues of concern or conditions include:
Depression and other mood disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Parenting issues
Couples or marital issues
Step-parent or blended family issues
Victim of domestic violence
Sexual or physical abuse

My training and experience covers children as young as 3 and into adulthood.  The practice of play therapy requires advanced, specialized training, experience, and supervision.  Play therapy allows trained play therapists to assess and understand children's play and to use it in assisting the child in coping with and difficult situations and emotions and in finding solutions to their problems.  Play allows children a safe psychological distance from their problems and allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in ways best suited to their developmental level.  It expands self-expression, teaches adaptive behaviors, relieves feelings of stress, connects us to people, regulates our emotions, and allows us to practice--in a safe environment--skills and roles best fostered through play.  Play therapy provides a corrective emotional experience and releases the natural healing resources that lie within the child.

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