Rachel Cudmore, MA, LPC, MFT, CPT
Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Play Therapist
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Services, Hours, Billing

Services for individual adults, couples,
families and children

:                                                                                           Free Parking
Tuesday to Friday 10:00 to 6:00, by appointment

New Patients:
I have a full practice and am rarely without a waiting list. If I am able to take a new client I will do so. If not, we will discuss my waiting list, but only if there is not a sense of urgency, and if I feel I can help with the treatment needs or goals you have. Most patients prefer evening or afternoon appointments to reduce work and school disturbance.  Unfortunately, these times are limited due to this high demand.  Treatment is not expected to last indefinitely, so these disruptions to schedules should not affect anyone greatly.
Regular therapy sessions are important, so new individuals or families are scheduled when there is time available for weekly sessions.  The first session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.  I will either email you an intake packet or you may come in 45 minutes earlier than your first scheduled appointment to fill one out. This needs to be completed before your first session, as we will need to go over some paperwork.  During this first session we will schedule your spot, as sessions are weekly, on the same day, at the same time.  These subsequent sessions will last 40 minutes for children and 45 minutes for adults.

I accept and bill most insurance for you (OHP not accepted); however, you are responsible for your copays and/or deductibles.  These fees are due at the beginning of each session, without exception.  I am in-network/preferred provider with many insurance companies.
I will call your insurance company prior to your first session to check your benefits.  Please note that I cannot guarantee the information provided by your insurance company is accurate; they reserve the right to evaluate when they receive my billing.  Working with insurance companies can be confusing and frustrating for all of us.  I will attempt to resolve any problems that arise from billing; however, if your bill is not paid by your insurance company, you are responsible to pay your bill in full.
When a session is scheduled, my time and office space are naturally reserved for the scheduled therapy session.  Because of this, the patient will be charged a $65 fee for missed sessions if they are not canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled session.  Special consideration is given for emergencies and must be negotiated.
At times, the therapist will need to be available for the patient outside of regularly scheduled appointments or hours of operation.  This may include crisis intervention, telephone conversations, unscheduled sessions, professional consultations, material review, court proceeding, etc.  Patients--not insurance--are responsible for payment of the time spent by the therapist in such situations. 

Call for appointment or click on "Contact" in menu above.  Both are confidential.

Ph: 541-335-1824
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